Crocheted Cotton

Face Scrubbers



washable, reuseable, green
100% cotton face scrubbers

These scrubbers are awesome.  Crocheted with 100% cotton, organic yarn, these scrubbers are completely "green."  Use every morning & evening along with your favorite face wash and watch your skin improve.  They feel nice & soft on your skin and buff away dirt, oil, & dead skin .

TO USE: Splash your face with warm water and apply your favorite face wash to your face with hands.  Wet scrubber with warm water and massage cleanser into face with a circular motion.  Rinse face thoroughly, pat dry, & apply a light facial moisturizer.  Rinse scrubber thoroughly, squeeze out, and hand to dry on faucet handle or shower hook.

GREAT for removing eye makeup!  Just wet scrubber & eye area with warm water, rub eye area and it comes right off.  You could also use eye makeup remover with scrubber, but it works fine with just water!

After a few days or a week, toss in a mesh bag along with your unmentionables and into the washer.  Then your ready to go all over again!

Once scrubber has gotten a lot of use, don't throw it away!  They work wonderful for removing nail polish!  Just wet scrubber with nail polish remover and rub the polish right off.  Rinse with a little polish remover & water, hang to dry, and your ready for next time.  No more wasting cotton balls! (Needless to say, don't use on your face after you use them for nail polish!)

Shipping is only $1.50.  Scrubbers are always made & in the mail by the next business day after you order.  Shipped first class.

Color Choices:  
Blue Swirl, pictured top
Pink Swirl
Lime Swirl
Yellow/Orange Swirl
Santa Fe, pictured near top right
  When you order a set of 3, each of the 3 will be different, chosen randomly from the 5 color choices above.  If you'd like 3 specific colors, specify that once you purchase in "message to seller."

Personally, I use my face scrubber twice a day and my skin has improved since using it.  I also use them for nail polish removing and I won't use cotton balls again.  They just work great.


Color Options: 

Blue Swirl

Pink Swirl

Lime Swirl

Yellow/Orange Swirl

Choose your colors
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