I LOVE this blanket.  The picture does not do it justice!  This would make a great baby shower gift.  Or, just increase it to make it any size you want. (Instructions on how to increase the size of this blanket are in the pattern.)  You will really love how this blanket turns out! 

Soft Stroller Blanket.pdf Soft Stroller Blanket.pdf
Size : 9.773 Kb
Type : pdf

This great pattern from "Midnight Knitter" looks super cute on your desk at home or work.  Use your mouse in comfort for hours.  You won't believe how much difference this makes in the feel of your wrist after a long day at work.  It will also be a conversation piece in the office.  Use subtle yarn to blend in or bright colors to stand out and show everyone you're a crocheter!  Tip:  Start this pattern with the "Magic Circle".

Mouse Wrist Pillow free pattern.pdf Mouse Wrist Pillow free pattern.pdf
Size : 0.073 Kb
Type : pdf

This crocheted pillow pattern is really clean and modern.  With a geometric square design, this is not your grandma's pillow pattern!  The picture shows brown & blue color scheme which is really "in" right now, but you could use any colors you want to match your decor.  You could make the back solid blue or brown or do the "square" pattern on the back in reverse.  Use your imagination! 

Two tone pillow pattern.pdf Two tone pillow pattern.pdf
Size : 0.054 Kb
Type : pdf

Travel in style with this crocheted neck pillow.  You can stuff it as firm or soft as you want it.  You could make this all one color or multicolor.  It's up to you.  Travel in comfort on a plane ride, a long car ride, or even just sitting in your favorite chair at night.  This would make a great gift for anyone... especially travelers!

Travel Pillow.pdf Travel Pillow.pdf
Size : 0.095 Kb
Type : pdf

 People won't believe you MADE this!  This pillow/pillow sham looks really intricate and it is simple!  Make both sides to look like this, or make the other side solid.  Stuff with pillow form, or Go Green by making this sham to fit your old throw pillows you were going to toss!  Use any color combo to match your decor!

Spike Stitch Pillow Sham.pdf Spike Stitch Pillow Sham.pdf
Size : 0.119 Kb
Type : pdf

-----------SUPER POT SCRUBBERS------------

3 page .pdf pattern AND How-To YouTube Video

This is my very own pattern!  I have made hundreds of pot scrubbers several different ways to find the best way.  This pattern is definitely the best way to make them... best size, shape, thickness.  My pot scrubbers are different than any other ones I've seen.  Make them yourself with this 3 page .pdf pattern which including photos, tips, & 2 different pattern types (1 worked in rounds & 1 worked in rows).  You will receive the 3 page .pdf pattern AND the link to the private YouTube video of me making the pattern.  I show & explain all my tips for making my best selling Super Pot Scrubbers!  The video link does not expire & you can view it as many times as you'd like... just please do not share or post link anywhere on internet.  Note: All scrubbers you make from this pattern are for personal use only, not for your monetary gain.


Note: .pdf file will be emailed to you within 1 hr during weekday business hours or within a few hours on weekends.

Click HERE for more details about my Super Pot Scrubbers pattern & video!
If you don't want to make them yourself, sets of 3 are available for purchase HERE!


Nook/Kindle Pouch

This 4-page .pdf pattern is packed full of tips, large photos, & instructions to make the pouch shown to fit Nook, Nook Color, Kindle (1st, 2nd, & 3rd generation), even the iPad. (Some crochet experience recommended).

Make one for yourself or give as gifts! If you have an e-Reader device and you know how to crochet, you have to have this cover pattern!

Pattern will be emailed to you within 60 minutes during business hours M-F or no more than 12 hours during non-business hours. I check my email constantly so you will not have to wait long. Please convo me if you have any questions.


DISCOUNT:  Get 2 Patterns for $5  Choose from Mug Hugger, Nook Pouch, & Super Pot Scrubbers

Crochet Patterns:

My own pattern!  I made this baby bottle cozy to keep babies formula warmer for longer. What's great is that the ounce markings are still clearly visible!  Baby
will enjoy their warm formula and will be more willing to hold their own bottle with this comfortable, colorful cozy on it.  Completely washable & practical.  A great baby shower gift!  Make one to match a crocheted baby blanket and your gift is all set. 

$3 for the 2 page .pdf pattern with color pictures, detailed instructions, & tips.  Note: .pdf file will be emailed to you within 1 hr during weekday business hours or within a few hours on weekends.


Pattern Discount:  $5 for two patterns


Super Pot Scrubber pattern AND
Baby Bottle Cozy pattern

Description of each pattern is above.

Note: Both.pdf files will be emailed to you within 1 hr during weekday business hours or within a few hours on weekends.


These are fun!  Great for the Holidays on your couch.  Make them in all kinds of color combinations.  You could make them with an overlapping slit in the back and just slide in your usual throw pillows so you don't have to buy new pillow forms!  Then take the cover off after the Holidays and store them for next year! 

Presents pillow.pdf Presents pillow.pdf
Size : 0.48 Kb
Type : pdf

Door Knob Organizer


I love this door knob organizer.  It is felted which is always fun & pretty easy to do.  This would make a great gift for someone.  QUICK & easy for beginners.  It is perfect for car keys so you always know where they are.  You could make it even deeper if you have something in mind you want to put in it that is bigger.  Make it in any color to match your decor.  To make it personal, you could embroider your initials on it or flowers, etc.  Make it yours! 

Patons_ClassicWool144_cr_organizer.en_US.pdf Patons_ClassicWool144_cr_organizer.en_US.pdf
Size : 131.186 Kb
Type : pdf

Muppet Themed Glasses Holder


This would look great on your nightstand... better yet- a child's nightstand.  If your child wears glasses, this is perfect.  When they go to sleep, they can put their glasses on their Muppet Head and they'll know exactly where they are in the morning.  Perfect for people who loose their glasses, scratch them, or knock them on the floor at night.  Make it your own... even make it look like your child!

Size : 109.078 Kb
Type : pdf

Is someone you know getting married?  Give this to the bride and she'll have her "something blue" covered!  This will be an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Sexy lace pattern makes this modern and classic at the same time.  This is a really good idea.

Bridal Garter.pdf Bridal Garter.pdf
Size : 0.142 Kb
Type : pdf

These are super fun!  Make them in different colors so your party guests can identify their glass.  Use on wine glasses, martini glasses, or any glass with a stem.  They also work as coasters so you won't have glass rings on your furniture.  

Glass Flip Flop.pdf Glass Flip Flop.pdf
Size : 7.072 Kb
Type : pdf

Keep all your crochet hooks handy and identifiable with this caddy.  It will look nice and colorful on your desk. Stitch markers can also be hung from the side (see photo).  This pattern allows hooks to stand upright in the spot you put them.  I like this better than a roll-up hook holder. 

Crochet hook caddy.pdf Crochet hook caddy.pdf
Size : 0.053 Kb
Type : pdf

Olivia's Butterfly Hat 


This hat was made by:   I think it is such a great idea how she did the butterfly.  Make's me wonder what else I can make with this idea.  So clever!

olivia's butterfly hat pattern.pdf olivia's butterfly hat pattern.pdf
Size : 0.146 Kb
Type : pdf

Crocheted Wine Bottle Cover 

This crocheted wine bottle cover pattern is pretty simple.  It is a good project for beginners or if you are experienced, you could use it as a jumping off point and make it really creative.  This would be really special to give as a gift to someone with their favorite bottle of wine inside.


Wine Bottle Cover.pdf Wine Bottle Cover.pdf
Size : 0.019 Kb
Type : pdf

Crocheted Hobo Bag (inspired by the Nordstrom bag)


Click the link below to access her pattern.  Lots of pictures and the story of how she saw this awesome bag on and decided to recreate it and make her own pattern.  The purse handles are sold at places like JoAnn, or cut up and old purse and take out the rings and strap!  Enjoy! 

 Lion Brand Homespun Crochet Ruffle Scarf


I love this scarf!  The colors are great in this picture, too.  You will get a lot of compliments on this scarf.  Make & give for Christmas gifts... and make one for yourself, of course!


LB Crochet Ruffle Scarf.pdf LB Crochet Ruffle Scarf.pdf
Size : 0.083 Kb
Type : pdf
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