Wear by itself... Clip to Headband... Clip to a Hat!


My brand new design...

This clip is sooooo unique!  Just slip any flower of your choice over the crocheted center & voila!  To change colors, simply slip flower off & slip on a different flower!   Wear them in your hair to hold back bangs that are growing out, get two & clip them above pigtails, clip them to any headband or hat…. So many options!  Perfect for everyday wear or as photo props for those sweet professional photos.  Perfect baby shower gift because it will last for years!!!  Girls of all ages love them from toddlers to teens, even adults (wear as a broach – just slip clip through a button hole or through the holes of your sweater)… seriously endless uses for these flowers.

(You pick the colors)
Fuzzy Center Clip with 2 Flowers:  $12
Classic Center Clip with 2 Flowers:  $12
Additional Flowers:  $5 each
DEAL: Center Clip with 5 Flowers:  $25  ($2 price break)

Each flower is 3 dimensional with 3 rows of crocheted “petals.”  They each have a hole in the center that fits snugly around the center clip so they won’t fall off while you are wearing them.  The crocheted center clip has a snap barrette on the back.   You can choose a fuzzy brown crocheted center or classic crocheted center with chocolate brown yarn.

Order Here:
Flower Colors (options below):

Your new Flower Clip will look perfect with a crocheted hat! Made to order!  In 3 days I can send you your very own custom hat!   

Fuzzy Striped Hat:  $20
Classic Hat:  $15
Shell Pattern Hat:  $15

You will love these hats! Perfect for any little girl as an everyday hat or a photo prop.

Please allow 3 days to complete then it will be mailed
via first class mail.


(This is a general size chart, measure childs head to ensure perfect fit). Each size can stretch up to 2".

Newborn: 13-14" unstretched
3-6 months: 16" unstretched
1 year: 17-18" unstretched
2-3 years: 19" unstretched
3-5 years: 20" unstretched
5-10 years: 21" unstretched
10+ years: 22" unstretched

NOTE: Once child outgrows hat, a larger hat can be purchased to use with the same flowers!


(Pictured: Pinks & Greens Fuzzy Hat
w/ Fuzzy Flower Clip)

Fuzzy Hat - Pick your sizet:
Color Palette:

(Pictured: "Beige" Colored Hat
w/ Fuzzy Flower Clip)


Classic Hat - Pick your size:

(Pictured: "Lamb" colored hat w/
Classic Flower Clip)

Shell Pattern Hat - Pick your size:


Stretchy one-size-fits-all crocheted headbands in 10 different colors.  Wear alone, with the Flower Clip or with any of the many bows I have available!   1.5” or 3” width.  12” circumference unstretched (will fit most newborns) & stretches to fit an adult head. 

Each Headband:  $3
4 Headbands:  $10 ($2 price break)

Each Headband:  $4
4 Headbands:  $13 ($3 price break)

Light Pink 1.5" Headband with Fuzzy Flower Clip


1.5" Headbands

Colors Clockwise:  Lavender, Ivory, Aqua, White, Black,
Bubblegum Pink, Brown, Light Pink, Gold, Magenta

1.5" Headbands
Color(s) ... Options Above


3" Headbands

Colors Clockwise:  Blue, Green, White,  Light Pink

3" Headbands
Color(s) ... Options Above

 Classic or Shell Pattern Crocheted Hat,
3 Crocheted Headbands, &
Interchangeable Crocheted Flower Clip with 5 Flowers: 

Email me to order & we'll discuss colors!

 Fuzzy Crocheted Hat,
3 Crocheted Headbands, &
Interchangeable Crocheted Flower Clip with 5 Flowers:

Email me to order & we'll discuss colors!


Top Row: Cherry Red, Magenta, Pink Poodle, Terracotta Orange, Duckie Orange, Goldfish Yellow
Middle Row: Mustard, Pea Green, Fern Green, Aqua, Silvery Blue, Little Boy Blue, Bluebell Periwinkle
Bottom Row: Sapphire, Colonial Blue, Berrylicious, Eggplant Purple, White, Chocolate, Black

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