*Yarn made from Plastic Grocery Bags



Step 1

Take a grocery bag and lay it flat.  

Step 2

Fold in half lengthwise & cut off handles and bottom hem.

Step 3

Spread out the bag and smooth out wrinkles.

Step 4

Fold bag in half. Fold in half two more times.

 Step 5

Cut into 12 equal parts (biscuits).  Approx. 1 inch each.

 Step 6

Open up two "biscuits".  You will have 2 loops.  Connect the two loops by putting one loop through the other, then pull one end through the other end and gently pull to make a knot in the middle. 


TIP: If you pull too tight, it will rip.  If it rips, throw that piece away or just tie the two broken ends together and continue.  It will blend in your work in most cases.  

Step 7

Keep looping until you have enough "plarn" for your project.  You can add more as you go.

 Step 8

Roll the plarn around a piece of cardboard or paper and form a ball.  Wind the plarn up as you add more so it doesn't get tangled.  Then crochet with it as you would with yarn.  The knots will blend into your work.  Add different colors, like white, for stripes.  Get creative with it!  Plarn is great for handbags, beach bags, etc.

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